4 Ways To Get Faster

By Scott Slavens, Special Kids Race supporter and long-time runner

If you always do, what you always done, you will always get, what you always have gotten. 

You want to get faster?  Be intentional, be different, be bold! Change what you have done in the past. If you want to improve your speed, get faster, and start setting PR’s you thought you never achieve, then consider these 4 tips:


1. Be intentional!
Instead of running the same pace every run, pick 1 day a week and do a specific speed workout.  This can be going to a track and running 800meter (2 laps) repeats (4 -6X800) at 5K pace, run hill repeats (4 – 8 times), or do a tempo run.  The tempo run can be 10 minutes slow, 20 minutes at 10K pace, and then 5 minutes slow to cool down.  


2. Be different!
Having a running partner who is slower than you?  That is great, but pick a day in which you run with someone who might be a little faster than you, just enough to push you to where you may not go on your own.


3. Be bold!
Go to group runs or attend a local running groups/community where several runners get together for an organized runs.  Don’t worry, they all don’t run together or have the same pace, you find someone who is your pace and they will be happy to run along your side.  Running communities help with your focus and provide a lot of encouragement and support.


4. Change what you have done in the past!
You don’t have to be an Einstein to know this; but less weight takes less energy to move mass.  If needed, shed a few pounds by making healthy food choices and you will become faster.  Be careful, there is such a thing of being too light and having an unhealthy weight.  

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