Running With A Stroller

By Margaret Clark, long-time Special Kids fan and runner

Can you run with a stroller after running solo for so long? The answer is yes! It's kind of like getting used to 4-5 hours of broken-up sleep when you have been used to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep; you just do it! It may feel very foreign at first and your legs may feel like lead. You may get winded quickly and have to adapt to a slower pace and take more breaks but hang in there - it does get better! Remember that you JUST made a whole human being and your body needs time to recover. Relax and enjoy the chance to get out and run. It will help heal both your body and your mind. Enjoy the time with your baby -it’s a sweet bond that develops when you are sharing your love of running with the love of your life.

There are a few things that will make getting started easier and more enjoyable for both you and your baby:

First and most importantly get the right stroller. My personal favorite is the Bob’s Revolution. It offers a comfortable ride for your baby, it handles well and is easy to navigate. Also it is lightweight and breaks down easily for transport and storage. Once you get your stroller be sure you can easily operate the brake and seat belts and or car seat adapter as needed.

Start early getting your baby used to the stroller. You may go out for just 10-20 minutes at first but if you stay consistent you can begin to go for longer workouts pretty quickly. Watch the tire pressure like you would a bike. You want the tires firm but with a little give in them. Too much pressure will make a bumpy ride and too little will cause undue tire wear and make navigation more difficult.

Finally run a race with your baby. A 5K is a good way to start. It gives you a goal to pursue and it makes fantastic pictures for the baby book. The stroller division is not too competitive so it ’s not about finishing first but finishing well. You and your baby make a great team and you will make great memories together.


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