I run because I can.

By Felicia Shirley: long-time Special Kids volunteer, Race Committee member, and Special Kids fundraiser.

Top: Felicia (far right) with 2015 Special Kids Race Committee
Bottom: Felicia (right) with Julie Corcoran (left)

I run because I can.

Why do I run?  I run because I can.  I run for those who cannot in hopes one day they will.

How did I learn about Special Kids?

Numerous times I have been ask why I run with Special Kids or, more often, how I got involved.  When Nick, my oldest, was three he received services at Special Kids.  I walked away from the experience extremely grateful, but unfortunately as grateful as I was I simply walked away.

I found my purpose.

Four years later I decided to run the Country Music ½ Marathon and really train (what a concept).  However I wanted a larger purpose; I wanted to make an Impact.  I was reminded Special Kids had a team, Team ASK, who fundraises for events like the CMM. 
After I researched the details, I felt as though my friends and family would support me to raise the minimum required at the time.  However just before I sent my first fundraising email (you know, to my closes 350 friends?), something tugged at me and said, these people will support more than that amount, so I adjusted the goal upward (something that continues to happen each year I send my fundraising request).  The next morning I found several checks waiting on my desk along with numerous pledges.  I found my purpose with Special Kids, one of my few main purposes in life. 

The humbling experience.

Fast forward a few years later.  Injured from an auto accident, I learned what is was like to be one of those, who ‘could not run.’  How humbling was that?! I was unable to run. In the beginning it was painful to even sit upright. After several months of rest, sweat, (many) tears and the support of my therapists, I was again able to run. 

Why am I a part of Impact?

I will never be a ‘real runner.’  I am not that fast and quite frankly… I do not enjoy it!?  However, He has called me to serve Special Kids to act as an Ambassador or conduit – connecting wonderful people with an amazing organization. Learn more about Fundraising for the Special Kids Race here.

I run because I can.  I run for those who cannot in hopes one day they will. 
I run for those angels, who are helping them along the way.



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