Giving Back and Remembering Doug

By Aaron Schaller, Special Kids fundraiser

Friend, Ben (left), with Aaron Schaller (Right)

Friend, Ben (left), with Aaron Schaller (Right)

This event is close to my heart.

I first heard about the Special Kids Race at a unique time, right after the passing of a special relative. This relative, Doug, had Down’s syndrome and was a very positive influence on our extended family and friends. As I looked into the organization of Special Kids, I realized what a great opportunity to give back in a way that is close to my heart.  By forming a team, I was able to give and volunteer resources for a great cause. 

I find comfort in Special Kids.

As I learned more about Special Kids, I realized that the operations of this non-profit organization are very efficient and that our time and money go a long way. I was also impressed with the fact that Special Kids never turns any child away, regardless of the time or financial commitment. However, what comforts me more than anything is knowing that everything at Special Kids is centered on Christian beliefs. I will do my best to continue to participate at Special Kids because I have experienced first-hand what a positive influence people with special needs can have. 

I run with friends and family.

I am looking forward to March 9th and, as usual, I have friends and family traveling in from all over the nation to participate in the Special Kids Race.

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