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Want to go the extra mile for the kids? Join “impact Special Kids” and make a lasting difference.

What is “impact Special Kids”? impact Special Kids is a peer-to-peer fundraising program that gives you the tools you need to reach your fundraising goal for the kids. You set your own goal, receive your online fundraising page, and share with friends. It's that easy. And every dollar raised goes towards offering our services to all of the kids, not one child in particular.

How do I join impact Special Kids? You have the option to join impact Special Kids when you choose yes for fundraising during the registration process for the race. We will send you a link to create a team, set a goal, and get your friends involved. 


Joy exudes from Ellie when you’re in her presence. She is silly, sweet, funny, loving, and happy. Ellie’s positive demeanor no doubt has gotten her to where she is today as she has beaten the odds the medical community initially gave her.

Ellie was born with a host of medical conditions including Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy (Ataxia) which is the loss of the ability to perform activities a person is physically willing and able to do, low muscle tone, and is gastrotomy tube (G-tube) dependent. Ellie came to Special Kids when she was six years old and initially received physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapies. In 2018, Ellie became a part of the Nursing program where she is part of a safe, loving environment and receives her medical care while also receiving recreational therapy and her other therapies while at Special Kids.

Now fifteen, Ellie has far surpassed what her doctors initially told her parents she would ever be able to do. Ellie’s mom, Amy, shares, “When we initially came to Special Kids, Ellie couldn’t walk or talk. I was told that she was ‘too severe, to stop trying’ and ‘she will never be more than what she is, to stop looking for answers.’” Not only can Ellie walk and communicate today, she has “blossomed into a kind young lady. She loves to hug, dance, and help work at the Nursing Center.”

Amy lastly shares, “Over the years we have been involved with several programs with Special Kids and Ellie has grown with each. We are so grateful for Special Kids.”



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