Socks 101

By Fleet Feet Sports Murfreesboro


Have you every worn a sock and it gathers in the shoe?  Have you ever worn a sock and your shoe just eats it up?  Have you ever worn a sock and you blister?  A good technical socks job is to prevent this from happening.  So, the function of a good running sock is to:

  • Add protection to the foot from all the overlays of a shoe.

  • Help manage the moisture built up on the foot and move excess away from the foot so it can evaporate quickly.

  • Offer added shock attenuation as much as a sock is able to do.


The difficulty with these above attributes is in the construction.   Technical socks must protect the feet and absorb moisture.  Let’s keep the foot as dry as it needs to be, not necessary dry to the bone.  It also needs to be comfortable.  The hard part is to make the sock comfortable the 15th or the 50th time you put it on.  Therefore, the fiber used in the construction must allow for this.  Cotton is comfortable and is great in absorbing moisture.  The problem with cotton is it just doesn’t like to wick.

A few things to know:

  • Technical socks should protect the feet.

  • Technical socks should not move on the foot.

  • Technical socks should moisture wick.

  • Technical socks will last the life of your shoe. 

  • Technical socks do not like fabric softener… breaks them down too early.

  • Technical shocks should be comfortable!!


At Fleet Feet Sports we look at the fibers, look at the construction in the heel pocket, understand where you need the superior thread count.  We also test and retest the product.  The perfect running sock is different for all foot types.  Stop by and let one of the staff help you in your selection.!

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