Top 9 Reasons Why I Run

by Scott Slavens, Special Kids Race Course Director

The News From My Doctor

I first started running as a routine after a visit to my doctor. I went in with chest pains, and after all the testing was completed, it was determined that the pains I was having were work stress related. He told me to start running, so I did. I haven’t stopped since.


Top 9 Reasons Why I Run:

1.      I love to run.

2.      It makes me happy.

3.      It’s my morning coffee, since I don’t actually drink coffee.

4.      It’s my after work decompression activity.

5.      It’s my time to reflect on the day and time I can spend with Him.

6.      I run as a routine.

7.      It is my “normal”!

8.      It’s a part of my schedule and what I do.

9.      I run so I may inspire someone else to take-up running…..even if only one person does, then there is success. 


My Closest Friends

Running has offered me the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends that I have today.  I am truly blessed that running has allowed me the opportunity to develop the strong relationships that I have formed over the years.  It’s allowed me to give back.  I love the sense of community among runners. Runners often don’t affiliate or associate with gyms, clubs, or teams, but with a favorite pair shoes, running routes, or a great race!  When talking to another runner, you’ll never be at a loss for conversation topics. I love to run because you can do it anywhere at any time!   A deceit pair of shoes is all you need to get started.

Do I always have a hundred (maybe more) excuses why I shouldn’t get out before each run?  Yes! But, I run anyway and I have never, ever, been disappointed that I went out for a run!  I hope you run too, you won’t be disappointed.  


Follow the course Scott helps map out on March 9th and run for all of your top reasons.

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