Top 9 Reasons Why I Run

by Scott Slavens, Special Kids Race Course Director

The News From My Doctor

I first started running as a routine after a visit to my doctor.  I went in with chest pains, and after all the testing was completed, it was determined that the pains I was having were work stress related.  He told me to start running, so I did.  I haven’t stopped since.


Top 9 Reasons Why I Run:

1.      I love to run.

2.      It makes me happy.

3.      It’s my morning coffee, since I don’t actually drink coffee.

4.      It’s my after work decompression activity.

5.      It’s my time to reflect on the day and time I can spend with Him.

6.      I run as a routine.

7.      It is my “normal”!

8.      It’s a part of my schedule and what I do.

9.      I run so I may inspire someone else to take up running…..even if only one person does, then there is success. 


My Closest Friends

Running has offered me the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends that I have today.  I am truly blessed that running has allowed me the opportunity to develop the strong relationships that I have formed over the years.  It’s allowed me to give back.  I love the sense of community among runners. Runners often don’t affiliate or associate with gyms, clubs, or teams, but with a favorite pair shoes, running routes, or a great race!  When talking to another runner, you’ll never be at a loss for conversation topics. I love to run because you can do it anywhere at any time!   A deceit pair of shoes is all you need to get started.

Do I always have a hundred (maybe more) excuses why I shouldn’t get out before each run?  Yes, but I run anyway and I have never, ever, been disappointed that I went out for a run!  I hope you run too, you won’t be disappointed.  


Follow the course Scott helps map out on March 21 and run for all of your top reasons.

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