Once you receive an email from our impact Special Kids staff, you can log into your very own fundraising profile page and let the fun begin. Here's how to navigate the impact waters.

Visit impactspecialkids.com and click the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner.

Sign In with the email you used when you registered for the race and with the password provided by the Special Kids staff.


Here's your profile page! From this page you can upload your profile picture, write a blog about your fundraising and training, get fundraising resources, and see messages from donors. Keep exploring by clicking the 'View' button next to your fundraiser's name. (see picture)


Here's your fundraising page! After click the 'View' button in the step before, your fundraising page appears. This is where you want to send your donors to give and pass this link on to teammates who are helping you fundraise. You can watch the bar climb as you get closer and closer to reaching your goal.


To donate, your donors simply need to scroll down your fundraising page and fill in their giving information. They have the option to remain anonymous and to leave you a fun message here.

And waala! You're ready to spread the word about your impact Special Kids fundraiser. Need some help with fundraising ideas? Check out some of these tried and true, creative, and just plain fun ways to raise those funds for the kids.


Contact our fundraising guru, Jennifer Dillon, at 615.893.4892 or jdillon@specialkidstn.com