Here are a few tried and true ideas that impacters have used over the years. Be sure to find something that you enjoy doing and that you will be excited to tell all your friends about. And most of all, let your supporters know the real reason behind your fundraising- the kids.


Letter Writing

Letter writing2.png

The methods may have changed, but the results are still the best. Letter writing to fundraise is the most successful way we've seen fundraisers reach their goals over the years. These days, you can send out a quick message on facebook, tweet about what you're doing, or send an email to friends with a link to your impact page to give online. Or good old-fashioned traditional letters (snail mail) with a handwritten message works great. And the more personal the better! Your friends want to give because it matters to you, so be sure to let them know why you're fundraising and how much Special Kids means to you.

More Ideas

If you're looking to plan your own event to fundraise, here are some ideas to get you started.

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jeans friday3.png
lock in3.png
bake sale2.png


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